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SEO, SEM, Social Media

Is Your Website out there, but No One Can Find You? SEO to the Rescue!

That’s where SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization comes in. I obsess over this, so you don’t have to! Google likes to do a lot of game changing, aka “Algorithm Enhancements,” and I keep up with what they are doing. There are subtle and imperative things that need to be done to keep you on the top of the ranks. I can help you stay ahead of your competition!

Website Analysis and Marketing (SEM) Services

Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes to look over a current site by reviewing the navigation, colors, fonts, etc. can mean the difference between losing customers with poor design, and the sales tool it should be.  I provide a paid website analysis service of your current website. Together, we can write up a detailed action plan for your company and help drive more traffic to your site… if you choose my additional services or not.

How You Can Use this Valuable Information!

You can use this one time fee as a blueprint on your own as a more cost-effective way to update your current site or I will apply this to my reasonable website/development services. Either way, you will come away with valuable information on SEO, marketing and design, all from the person who does the work for you!

Social Media Logos

Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+)

Setup and Updates

After surfing the Internet, more people visit Social Media sites than websites! Lure them back “home” with Social Media! From Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, to LinkedIn, Twitter and Yelp, I get your name out there. You will need to keep them updated too, which can be a time-consuming effort. It is well-worth doing and I am happy to be able to offer this as a service too!